When the mind is lighter than the air everything is possible


The aim of this yoga method is a therapy of both body and mind, not a performance.

We build the complete posture from the foundations rather than local movements of separate body parts.

We use lots of props (such as bricks, belts, blankets and so on) to enable everyone to experience what is the right alignment of the body and assited relaxation brings relief to the restless mind. 

 Students with alignements get specific adjustments and guidelines making these classes beneficial for any body constitution, age or gender and whether they have any previous yoga experience or not.





 Dedicated yoga teacher, medical doctor & devoted meditator

She has been practising yoga (mainly Iyengar style) for more than 15 years and received teacher training in Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in India (conducted by Sharat Arora who has 40 years of yoga teaching experience and was an assistant of BKS Iyengar for 7 years).

She reoriented her doctor career and now fully focuses on yoga therapy and evidence-based lifestyle medicine. She conducts yoga therapy classes for people with all kinds of body constitutions.

 I have been practising yoga since the age of 16 and from the very beginning it became very important to me. Not too much too say that it has directed the course of my life. It also helped me to find very early in life Vipassana Meditation which completely changed my way of living.

Coming from doctors family I have always had the need to serve people. So medicine seemed to be the obvious choice. I would have never imagined that after 6 years of medical studies and 3,5 years of doctor’s career I might decide to quit. But I did. And in the blink of an eye my life changed completely…

 Love, Travels, New Beginnings, New Possibilities, Portugal, India, Ashram, Yoga Teacher Training, Assisting, Teaching, Amazing People around.

And on the way I have finally found what I was looking for: the tools to stay healthy, happy and active, the tools of prevention & self-healing.

Since then I keep digging to discover more and more about what I am truly interested in: yoga & lifestyle medicine.

  I feel deeply happy to have an opportunity to share the outcome of this search with you.”  




Explorer, technologist, dedicated meditator and in service

After a rough start wandering across the globe while engineering in search of meaning, health and mind issues have forced me to dive in and explore my inner world. Of the myriads of possible tools I tried, only one clearly stood out : vipassana meditation.  This made me understand that although the straight line is always the shortest way from one point to another that is precisely what we all avoid in our lives. We find ourselevs stuck, in danger or burning the candle from both sides. 

While we are quick to condemn our lives, this life path and experience IS the ultimate wealth. The outside world is really not as vast as we think and for an open mind the perceptible differences across the globe are merely nuances.

There is however a bottomless pit vaster than a couple of our universes : our inner-world. Meditation will reveal to you this immensity of possibilities.

Yoga is about space , meditation is about freedom.

There is no freedom without space.

There is no possibility without freedom.

From this voyage I discovered my way of serving and it is through helping the expansion of consciousness with words. I do not have anything to say but tell me your struggle and I will reflect back where the seeds of freedom needs to be planted.



Regular group classes take place in Sattva Institute  Ave Alexandre-Vinet 25, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Fridays 12.15-1.15 PM 
  • Saturdays  09-10.15 AM

Info & booking




Regular group classes take place in Sattva Institute  Ave Alexandre-Vinet 25, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Fridays 12.15-1.15 PM 
  • Saturdays  09-10.15 AM

Info & booking




During private classes a student gets full attention of the teacher and individual programme created specifically for his/her needs.

The private classes take place in Vevey, La Tour de Peilz and Montreux – at students location or in Lausanne (both students and teachers location).

For more information please contact us.



Workshops are a gret opportunity to dive deep in the practise, learn new things and meet like-minded people.

Check our coming workshops here.


If you are interested in coroprate classes do not hesitate to contact us.


A one-to-one session of exchange that will help you go beyond the noise of what your mind tells you you want. Once free from this mental slavery, you will get a chance to to hear your intuition telling what you need !

On donation. Contact us for booking.


(Yoga for Broken Backs, Deep relaxation class)

As the number of places is limited please remember to BOOK your class Please do not forget to remove your attendance if your plans change – so someone else can benefit from the class.

Important note: There will be no classe during August. They will be back in September !


 The way we live our lives is a big challenge for our bodies.

Long hours spent on a chair slowly sum up and sooner or later our mistreated bodies fire back with a back pain that can lead to even less activity, which leads to even more back pain, which leads to even less activity and so on. These classes will give you the tools to get out of this vicious circle.

During the class you will learn how to stand, how to sit, how to relieve your back, how to align your body, how to breath and much more.You will also learn how the body alignment affects the state of the mind, thus how to release tensions not only from the body but also from the mind.

Whether you have never tried yoga before (nor any other activity) or you are already an experienced yoga practitioner, all can benefit from learning and deepening this particular approach.


The way we live our lives does not make it easy to rest and sleep well.

Phone calls, emails, family’s duties, work’s duties, to-do lists, conversations- all of them whirl in our mind when we lay down in bed and try to rest or sleep. Desperately trying to relax we start to fight with them which makes the situation even worse. Due to stress and poor posture the body gets tensed up and even if eventually we manage to fall asleep, we wake up all tensed and tired.

These classes will give you the tools to relax, rest and build a deeper connection with your body.

During the class you will learn how to lie down in healthy, tension-releasing way, how to breathe effectively, how to relax the tense body and how to quieten the restless mind. You will also learn about the body-mind interconnections and the ways to use them for relaxation.

Whether you have never tried relaxation techniques before or you are familiar with them, all can benefit from learning this particular approach.

Next Deep Relaxation class will take place on Thursday evening (27.06) 8.15-9.15 pm in Sattva Institite.

As the number of places is limited please remember to BOOK your class on Doodle:
Please do not forget to remove your attendance if your plans change – so someone else can benefit from the class.

Cost of the class is 25 CHF
5 or 10 classes cards for Yoga Therapy classes can be used also for this class


We believe that money should not be an obstacle when it comes to yoga. Therefore we strive to provide affordable prices for everyone. But if you still can not afford to pay for the classes please contact us directly – we will find the way together.



*family friendly event

 July 6th 2019 from 10am till 12.30pm

+ picnic afterwards 🙂 

Join us to celebrate the Summer with two yoga classes & seated Meditation practice alfresco in Parc de Milan.

You can attend all 3 classes for a full workshop feeling or you can just come for one Yoga Class or Meditation. No previous yoga experience required 🙂

Please bring your own mat/ blanket/towel & meditation cushion if you need!

We will be in Parc de Milan, lower end – opposite the football pitch, close to the entrance from Avenue de Cour.

10.00 – 11.00 Yoga Therapy- Martyna
11.00 – 12.00 Power Hatha-Vinyasa flow – Ana
12.00 – 12.30 Seated Mindfulness practice- Noe

Ana: +41 77 466 40 38 
Martyna: +41 79 720 99 33
Noe: +41 77 484 98 80

We will have a picnic together after the classes (at 12.30) – so we can spend some time together and get to know each other 🙂 If you would like to join just bring your lunchbox with you 🙂

Last time the weather surprised us – let’s hope for the good one this time. We will send the final confirmation one day before the event 🙂

*Donations Welcomed as we are a non profit Association

** Contributions for the picture: Tree vector created by freepik – 


VIPASSANA Meditation

Vipassana means ‘seeing things as they are’ and is an ancient techinque of meditation.

10-day Vipassana Meditation courses take place all over the world. During the course students stay in complete silence.  All the courses are free of charge – the expenses are covered by donations given by students who completed at least one course and experienced benefits of it and they are organises thanks to the work of volunteers.  You will find more information here.

Sattva Institute

Sattva Institute is a non profit association, proud of providing affordable prices for everyone, including students, unemployed and retired yogis.

For more information visit the website


Mobile number (Martyna): +41 79 720 99 33


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