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Is it the time to consider private yoga classes?

Life gets more and more demanding and uncertain. Perhaps at the moment you feel stressed, overwhelmed and worried about the future. You might experience back pain,  neck pain and have difficulties sleeping.

Perhaps you have heard that yoga can be helpful to improve your health and release stress. But you were reluctant to try due to the misconception that one has to be flexible to practise it.

Maybe you have already tried some group classes, online classes or YouTube videos. But then you found it difficult and painful. You might have even had more back pain after the class than before, so you decided to drop it completely.

If this is the case, we have some good news. We are here for you.

Martyna being both yoga teacher and medical doctor developed a unique approach to yoga.

She pays special attention to anatomical and physiological aspects of yoga practice and respects differences between each person.

Personalised 1 on 1 yoga sessions are created for your specific needs and for your specific mind and body constitution. During this course you will get to understand your body better.

You will learn how to move your body in a healthy way not only on a yoga mat, but also in your everyday life.

Exceptionally, these days there are available also online private yoga classes with Martyna.

Now, more than ever, it is important to prioritize your health as this is the most valuable thing you have.





Dedicated yoga teacher, medical doctor, & serious Vipassana meditator

I grew up in the family of doctors. From the very early age I was drawn to yoga and started regular practise at the age of 16. Later in my life I went on to study medicine in Warsaw Medical University. After the graduation I started the specialisation in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in one of the biggest hospitals of Poland.

After some time I realised that I could not provide lasting change to my patients as it comes only from fundamental change of daily habits and personal understanding of one’s body. So I decided to change my career path and became a full time yoga teacher.

17 years of yoga practise, 320h teacher training with Sharat Arora (one of the most renown teachers of India & assistant of BKS Iyengar for 7 years), consistent everday practise and continues research on yoga gives me strong foundation to successfully help my students to explore their imprinted patterns and experience the tremendous change in both body and mind.

Medical studies and deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology help me to make the classes safe for my students with all kinds of body constitutions.

And my serious meditation practice (13 years of Vipassana Meditation practice and regular intensive silent retreats) helps me to connect with a deeper level of the mind and to understand better everyday struggles.

Since I moved to Switzerland I conduct private yoga classes in Swiss Riviera (La Tour-de-Peilz, Vevey, Montreux). I specialise especially on the topic closest to my heart: helping people suffering from back pain.




Explorer, technologist, dedicated meditator and in service 

After a rough start wandering across the globe while engineering in search of meaning, health and mind issues have forced me to dive in and explore my inner world. Of the myriads of possible tools I tried, only one clearly stood out : Vipassana meditation.  This made me understand that although the straight line is always the shortest way from one point to another that is precisely what we all avoid in our lives. We find ourselevs stuck, in danger or burning the candle from both sides.

While we are quick to condemn our lives, this life path and experience IS the ultimate wealth. The outside world is really not as vast as we think and for an open mind the perceptible differences across the globe are merely nuances.

There is however a bottomless pit vaster than a couple of our universes : our inner-world. Meditation will reveal to you this immensity of possibilities.

Yoga is about space , meditation is about freedom.

There is no freedom without space.

There is no possibility without freedom.

From this voyage I discovered my way of serving and it is through helping the expansion of consciousness with words. I do not have anything to say but tell me your struggle and I will reflect back where the seeds of freedom needs to be planted.



I had a pleasure to talk to Rokas about many important topics, like benefits but also dangers of yoga, why lotos might not be a good idea , how to practise safely and much more.

Rokas  tackles many important topics, you might want to check his podcast.

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