Dedicated yoga teacher, medical doctor & devoted Vipassana meditator

About me: 

I have been practising hatha yoga for more than 16 years (mainly Iyengar style) with many great teachers. After pausing my work at hospital I went to India where I completed intensive yoga teacher training in one of the very few serious yoga schools there which was Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre (conducted by Sharat Arora who has 40 years of yoga teaching experience and was an assistant of BKS Iyengar for 7 years) where I stayed for a few months.

Right now I am focusing on 2 topics that interest me the most: yoga therapy and evidence-based lifestyle medicine. The huge impact on my life has also continuously Vipassana meditation

During the class I give a lot of focus to what can be done outside the class – in other words: how to use our bodies respectfuly in our everyday life, not only on yoga mat.

I conduct yoga therapy classes for people with all kinds of body constitutions.


I have studied medicine at Medical University of Warsaw (for 6 years). After finishing my studies I worked in hospital for 3,5 years, out of which I spent 2,5 years at Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department.


I have been practising yoga for more than 16 years. I have completed intensive 320-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in India. In my teaching I combine what I have learnt from all the teachers I have encountered with my personal findings during my everyday self-practice and my medical knowledge in order to make the classes safe and beneficial for the students.