The way we live our lives does not make it easy to rest and sleep well.

Phone calls, emails, family’s duties, work’s duties, to-do lists, conversations- all of them whirl in our mind when we lay down in bed and try to rest or sleep. Desperately trying to relax we start to fight with them which makes the situation even worse. Due to stress and poor posture the body gets tensed up and even if eventually we manage to fall asleep, we wake up all tensed and tired.

These classes will give you the tools to relax, rest and build a deeper connection with your body.

During the class you will learn how to lie down in healthy, tension-releasing way, how to breathe effectively, how to relax the tense body and how to quieten the restless mind. You will also learn about the body-mind interconnections and the ways to use them for relaxation.

Whether you have never tried relaxation techniques before or you are familiar with them, all can benefit from learning this particular approach.

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