Explorer, technologist, dedicated meditator and in service

After a rough start wandering across the globe while engineering in search of meaning, health and mind issues have forced me to dive in and explore my inner world. Of the myriads of possible tools I tried, only one clearly stood out : Vipassana meditation.  This made me understand that although the straight line is always the shortest way from one point to another that is precisely what we all avoid in our lives. We find ourselevs stuck, in danger or burning the candle from both sides. 

While we are quick to condemn our lives, this life path and experience IS the ultimate wealth. The outside world is really not as vast as we think and for an open mind the perceptible differences across the globe are merely nuances.

There is however a bottomless pit vaster than a couple of our universes : our inner-world. Meditation will reveal to you this immensity of possibilities.

Yoga is about space , meditation is about freedom.

There is no freedom without space.

There is no possibility without freedom.

From this voyage I discovered my way of serving and it is through helping the expansion of consciousness with words. I do not have anything to say but tell me your struggle and I will reflect back where the seeds of freedom needs to be planted.