The classes continue online 

It is easier than you think. Trial class is free. Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions 


As we joined the collective fight againt epidemiy the classes at the moment take place online only 

Once the situation is back to normal:

At students location: in Swiss Riviera (from Lausanne to Montreux and Villeneuve) and Geneva.

At teacher’s location: in La Tour-de-Peilz.

 Private classes are our main focus as they are the most effective and beneficial for a student as we all have different bodies, minds and challenges . The programme is tailor-made for the student and each class relates to the previous one. 

The first class always consits of consultation, getting to know each other and discussing the programme. In this method we concentrate a lot on the proper posture and the ways to improve our everyday habits. During the first class we already study student’s everyday patterns (while standing or sitting) and we show the ways of doing the same things in a more healthy, natural, uplifting manner.

During next classes we go further and further exploring different types of body movements and bringing consciousness to different body parts through asana practice (asana = yogic posture).

Asanas are taught step by step, carefully builidng the foundations in each and every of them. We use different poses and props (such as blocks, belts, blankets and even furniture) to learn different aspects of both body and mind and their interconnections.