Private classes are the most effective and beneficial for a student. The programme is tailor-made for the student each lesson relates to the previous one. The classes are conducted in English.

My teaching approach is based on attention to details for the physical poses and being patient with my students to achieve maximum benefit. Tranquil energy and calm practice focusing also on breathing and posture create a positive learning environment.

The first class consits of consultation, getting to know each other and discussing the programme. In this method I concentrate a lot on the proper posture and the ways to improve our everyday habits. During the first class already I study student’s patterns of standing, sitting, walking and laying down and exploring the ways of doing it in a healthy, natural, uplifting manner.

Asanas are taught step by step, carefully builidng the foundations in each and every of them We use different poses to learn different aspects of both the body and the mind and their interconnections.

How to prepare for the class? We practise in comfortable clothes, bare foot and on an empty stomach.


At students location: Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux and almost any other location reachable within an hour from Lausanne by public transport.

At teacher’s location: it is either Lausanne or La Tour-de-Peilz.

How much does it cost? The prices vary depending on location, duration of the class and the number of classes booked. For mor details please contact us.