Private yoga sessions continue online



Private yoga classes are my main focus as they are simply the best for you. Each of us has different body, mind and challenges, therefore group classes are always some kind of compromise. On contrary during 1 on 1 yoga lessons the programme is tailor-made for you and so you can progress in the safest and the most efficient way. Especially if you suffer from back pain or other conditions.


We always start with short 15min intro call to get to know each other and make sure that we are a good fit. During the intro call we can schedule your free intro yoga session.

In this method we concentrate a lot on the proper posture and the ways to improve our everyday habits. Already during the first yoga class you will start to study your everyday patterns (while standing or sitting) and learn the ways of doing the same things in a more healthy, natural, uplifting manner.

During next classes you will go further and further exploring different types of body movements and bringing consciousness to different body parts through asana practice (asana = yogic posture).

You will learn asanas step by step, carefully builidng the foundations in each and every of them. With each class you will learn different aspects of both body and mind and their interconnections.