When hatha yoga does not work…? The Hatha Yoga which is supposed to bring balance on all levels of life and end the everlasting conflict between mind and body. How come it actually might not work??

The idea is there but…. our clever minds have a tendency to overpower the body – by their ambitions, visions, expectations and ego, by all the things that we think we should be.

So we start to hurry up, we push the body beyond its limits – we want to stand on the head before we even know how to stand on the feet.

Then we look around and see other people practising – and we start to feel not good enough or (even more dangerously) better than them. So we push the body even harder! And get even more judgmental!

And like this through yoga practice instead of getting out of the vicious circle of competition, comparison and judgment we start to spin even faster…

The yoga practice can be a great mirror of the way we live our lives if only we have enough courage to look at it. And not only to look at it but also accept it. The real change can take place only if there is the acceptance of what is – and that tends to be the hardest part!

During our yoga practice not only we can see our behavioral patterns but also work on them and ultimately change them and by doing so – transform our way of living.

But again it all starts with acceptance and compassion – primarily for ourselves. The third and neccesary element is awareness. The foundation of truly life-transforming yoga practise are neither flexibity nor strength of the body but these three elements: awareness, acceptance and compassion.

So next time when your yoga time comes take a deep breath, close your eyes, dive within, forget about the world outside and let the journey begin… 🙂