The way we live our lives is a big challenge for our bodies.

The way we sit (especially if it lasts for many hours either in front of the computer or in the car), the way we stand, the way we walk the way we live if done poorly for a prolonged period of time can quickly decrease the quality of our life as sooner or later our mistreated bodies fire back most commonly with back, neck, shoulder or knee pains. And by the time we get the first symptoms it is already quite late

Constant stress and tensions due to numerous responsibilities and never-ending task-lists can alter the state of mind and severely degrade our wellbeing.

    These classes will give you the tools to either keep or improve both your physical and mental health and to make your life better.

    During the class you will learn: 

    • how to stand, sit & lay down in a healthy manner
    • how to align your body,
    • how to breathe properly,
    • how the body and mind influence each other
    • how to free yourself from tensions
    • how to improve your quality of life  

    Whether you have never tried yoga before (nor any other activity) or you are already an experienced yoga practitioner, all can benefit from learning and deepening this holistic approach.

     Just suspend the doubt for a while and give it a try! There is not much to lose and a lot to gain!

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